Goodbye California. Thanks for allowing me to soul search..


I just hurt.

You’ve forgotten.

  • My little cousin: what is one thing you wish you could have asked your parents about relationships?
  • Me: why does love hurt?

I wanted to text you before I got on that plane..

"I don’t want to fly without letting you know I love you."

But I asked myself, is it worth it? Is it worth no reply or no response?

And your hair tie I wore everyday, I lost on the plane taking my sweater off.

I feel dead inside..

That’s all I had.

Your friend from Miami would be on the same fucking flight as me.

First time I’ve been on a plane since I left you and I feel just as sick.

i’ll be in the same state as you tomorrow and you won’t even know. 

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I swear to god he’ll be the only one who sees that part of me.

For the rest of my life

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My dreams will never be mine again.

New glasses 👓👛👓👓👓👛👓👛🎀

Until it’s you, I’ll pretend it’s you.

The saddest shit I’ve ever fucking heard